TO DO OR NOT TO DO? Why is that even a question? follow your DREAMS. . . NOW!
Motivation 101

When no one else believes in you What Fuels You does. Everyone needs a support team or a place to refer to when they might be at the tipping point of caving in or giving up. WFY doesn't believe in giving up, only pushing you to do your best and be the best.


Unlike most entrepreneurs Paid, was never told he could not be/do anything. In fact he was told the complete opposite. He believes people deserves the same support to pursue their dreams. It's not easy traveling on the road of success and sometimes people just need the fuel to keep going. . . So, WHAT FUELS YOU?

What is What Fuels You?
What Fuels You is a brand founded by [PAID_($)_PAUL] to help motivate and encourage entrepreneurs & freelancers to go out and pursue their dreams and goals. There's nothing wrong with failure as long as you learn from it and continue to be the best at what you do. But if you never try at all, how could you be sure that you would fail at all or be a success? You don't, so take away the question mark and add a period or exclamation.
~Life is Good~
There is something sexy about life. Those memorable moments only captured by those truly available to receive them. Follow your dreams and be passionate about whatever you want to do!
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